Strengthen the love you have.

It’s true what they say, relationships are work. But when you work it with the right person it is well worth it.

A relationship is as alive as the two people in it. As it grows and matures there can be difficulties. Some difficulties are easy to get through whereas others can feel insurmountable causing you and your partner to fall into a rut, having the same conversation and ending up at the same conclusion. It’s frustrating.

Couples therapy can be a great resource to help work through the tough patches and at times 100% necessary.


Couples Therapy is: 

  • A safe non-judgmental space to discuss intimate details of your relationship.
  • A place to learn relationship skills or to enhance the ones you already have.
  • An opportunity to be heard.
  • An opportunity to hear your partner.
  • A place to collectively find solutions.
  • A step toward increasing intimacy and connection in your relationship.

Couples therapy is not:

  • An opportunity to prove your right.
  • A place to bash your partner or to be bashed.
  • Retaining an arbiter to hear the evidence to find out who is guilty.
  • Punishment.
  • Magic. Both of you will have to utilize the experience and commit to improvement.

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